A word from the president

Dear members,

I hope all workers and their families are doing well during these times of pandemic.

Once again, this spring, approximately 70% of our members were on layoffs.

We are almost at the beginning of summer 2021, the vaccinations and the heat of the summer are causing the containment measures (Zones) to start to decrease and we are all eager to get back to our work and our freedom.

A ray of hope is looming on the horizon for the tourism sector in Quebec.

The reopening of restaurants and terraces will put a little balm on the closures inflicted by Covid-19.

According to the Association des Hôteliers du Québec, hotel occupancy rates should be on the rise in various regions in Quebec. Quebec is expected to have a rate of 55%, Montreal 25% and the regions 65 to 70%.

The restaurants will be open and the hotels will be busier, our members will have a surplus of work with all the recommendations of public health (Mask, distancing, disinfection, etc.) Therefore, it will require more effort in all workstations.

Other information

Currently, there are hotels that are rented to provide vaccinations for the population or to quarantine travelers, but that does not necessarily make our members work more.

Some employers currently offer lump sums to workers who receive both doses of the vaccine.

For our members, The Canadian Economic Stimulus Benefit (PCRE) ends on September 25, 2021 and there is no further news to announce of late.

There was a labor shortage in our industry before the pandemic. Obviously, during the layoffs, some workers migrated to other sectors. When the pandemic is over, the shortage will be enormous.

Until then, take care of yourself and your loved ones and see you soon in good health !

Guy Gendron - President